We Are Caught Up in the Bureaucracy

If you have not ever been here before that is one thing that they have here like any place else and unless you know your way around the block it can really be difficult to get a Singapore business registration done. At any rate I have been wrestling with this for almost two and a half weeks. The only good thing has been the temp secretary that I got by luck. How she does not have a permanent job with a big salary seemed like a mystery until I realized that was sort of a local celebrity. The fourth day I was here I asked her if she knew a good place to hear some music, which she told me. I was there for a few minutes when I realized that she was up on stage singing a cover of Blanket, very similar to the one that Joss Stone does on the live Jeff Beck album Live at Ronny Scotts.

It was a really good performance and I was shocked that she was not doing better, but of course I wondered how many successful Blues artists come out of Singapore. The next day a guy came to see me on this and he fell all over himself when he saw her. It was like her biggest fan in the entire world. I was trying not to laugh, but it made my a life a whole lot easier in the short term. He wanted to be done with me so he could talk about her EP, which apparently is the greatest thing in the entire world if you listened to this guy. At any rate I went back out here twice since then and asked her if I could fire her so that I could date her for real the next time out.