8 Tips to Ensure Your Business Career Flourishes

Business etiquette is important as it ensures that companies run like clockwork without arguments and dissent. In this way, you can turn your attention to what is most important – making money.

Dress appropriately

You should always make sure that your clothes are suitable for the occasion and that they’re clean and ironed. Cheap personal loans are available if you need to invest in formal work attire. With a 100{bb439e5ff4dcab68f3d191aa2d9b0b6780575d3c07cfd7f6861b91f32670ad1c}online application, you won’t have to waste any of your precious time either meeting bank managers. If your firm has a dress down day, this doesn’t mean you should take advantage. You should still look like a business person rather than someone who’s about to go clubbing.

Treatment of co-workers and clients

Whether it’s the CEO or the office cleaner, you should treat everyone with the same respect and never use offensive language nor raise your voice. If someone goes out of their way to help you, acknowledge the fact with a ‘thank you’. The same is true of any interaction you have with work clientele.


Always make sure that you arrive on time for work or work-related events. Whether the meeting is down the hall or the other end of town, always make a point of arriving at least 5 minutes early. This will also give you the time to go over your notes or any queries you have.

Replying to emails

In order for work to be done correctly, it’s important that you keep on top of your office correspondence. Always reply to emails from your co-workers and when you do, make sure that everyone in the project is kept abreast of new developments. On the other hand, don’t clog up people’s inboxes by sending a ‘reply all’ to people who don’t need to know.

Asking for clarification 

If you need to check something with a colleague, always send an email to arrange a mutually-convenient time. Don’t just barge into their office as you might interrupt their train of thought. Similarly, limit your questions at meetings to avoid the meeting running over time and upsetting everyone’s schedule. Instead, send a follow-up email with any queries you may have.

Cell phones

Of course, cell phones are indispensable. However, during meetings or business lunches, they should be put away, kept on silent and not left on the table. Checking your phone every 2 minutes gives the impression that people don’t have your full attention.


Business etiquette is quite clear that if you invite someone to lunch, then you pick up the tab. Even if your work schedule is hectic, try to avoid eating at your desk. Even a 15-minute break to eat in the lunchroom will increase your productivity.

Office chatting

It makes all the difference when you make friends through work. However, whether it’s passing on the latest gossip or discussing mortgage insurance, always keep your chats to a minimum unless you’re on a break.