3 Ways For Healthcare Businesses To Build Trust Through Email Marketing

Email marketing can be an extremely effective tool for any business in order to build trust with your customer base. Due to the nature of the healthcare business, it is essential to have a strong relationship and a sense of trust, as they are putting their health in your hands. Here are three different ways that email marketing can build trust to retain customers and give them the best possible experience with you.

Provide Targeted Offers

Providing your customers with targeted offers is one of the best ways to retain them and show them that you understand their wants and needs. You can segment your email marketing audiences into different demographics, such as age. Then, look at the typical interests of that age group and send out targeted offers once every couple of months.

As a dentist, this could be teeth whitening for younger age groups, or dental implants for older customers. You will be showing customers that you aren’t just sending out random emails that aren’t relevant to them, thus building trust over time. Plus, they will benefit from the reduced treatment costs or free additional extras.

Useful Health Tips

Another way that you could build trust is to provide valuable and relevant health tips to your customers. Promoting good health practices will help to keep your customers healthy and prove once again that you are considerate of their health.

If you have a plastic surgery business, you could send follow up emails to patients 6 weeks after their surgery, with advice about how to resume exercise. For patients who have had breast implant removal, you could give tips on how to help their body heal. If people have enquired about a particular procedure, you could send follow up information a few weeks alter.

Request Feedback

Being open to making changes as a business is critical to keeping customers happy, so use your email marketing campaigns to request feedback on your services. This could be asking about offering a wider range of treatments, whether customer contact needs to be more regular or whether follow up treatment needs to be monitored more closely.

As an incentive for completing the feedback form, you could offer entry into a competition to win a treatment or offer a discount to everyone who does it. This will be valuable for you as a business as you can make improvements based on the direct feedback from customers, and they will feel as if their feelings are being considered, thus building trust.

In order to do this successfully, pre-empt the information that your customers or patients would find useful and they will be very impressed with the customer service.

Final Thoughts

Overall, email marketing is a fantastic tool for businesses, as it can be a targeted method that can help your business to grow and to keep customers happy! If you are rethinking your marketing tactics, definitely consider email marketing, especially if the end goal is to build trust. Whether you specialise in breast reductions Manchester based or dentistry in London, utilising email marketing for your healthcare business can be very useful.